Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tour: Two Weeks Into ACNH

I don’t know about you, but since I started playing New Horizons a few weeks ago, I have become obsessed with watching people’s five-star island tours on YouTube. As much as I love gathering inspiration from these videos, they can also be a little disheartening when I compare them to where I’m at on my island.

Now, full disclosure — my island is a work-in-progress. But for all those people like me watching five-star island tours and thinking “my island will never look like that,” I thought I would share my two-week island progress. I will also give periodic updates on my island progress, so you can see just how much work goes into building a five-star island!

Island Profile

My island’s name is Glitter and our native fruit is peaches. We are located in the Northern Hemisphere. Currently, there are eight residents living on Glitter. Me, Canberra, and Billy are the O.G. residents of Glitter. Our new arrivals include Anchovy, Bubbles, and Marcie. Zell just moved in, and so did Marina. We are still searching for our last two residents, though homes have been built. I have also purchased the amiibo for Merry but haven’t decided who to replace with her yet! My plan is to wait until the island is full to use the amiibo so I can force a villager I dislike to move out.

Island Tour

My island is currently rated at one star because it does not yet have ten residents. That being said, I’m pretty proud of the progress we have made on Glitter since I got the game on Black Friday!

Here’s what Glitter looks like just across from Resident Services. We have a fountain and custom welcome sign, adorned with red and yellow cosmos and closed off by a lattice fence. I also just planed some holly bushes to the left and right of the fountain for some festive flair, and some azaleas by the entrance to R.S.

Behing the island, I created a little area to relax, with a mini garden that I hope to later fence off. Here I’m trying my hand at cross-breeding some red and white hyacinths. The furniture in this area is mostly custom. The log garden seat is customized in white birch, with custom patterns in pink and blue chevron to decorate. There’s also a matching towel at the foot of each of the seats so my guests can wipe their feet (or paws!).

Here we have another little garden area to the right of R.S. with a custom chalkboard sign I created. We’ve also got a birdbath in white stone and a lattice fence closing off the flowers. I just uprooted the flowers that used to be there and replanted some tulips in the hopes of producing hybrids. Fingers crossed it works!

Our next little garden area is on an incline, where we just completed the building of a white ramp (though you can still see the construction in this screencap!). I used the same sign as before to denote it as a garden and planted some more flowers — I think that they’re also tulips — in the hopes of cross-breeding.

Now that R.S. is built, we have access to the stall DIY recipe, so I built a flower stand and a coffee stand for the residents of Glitter to enjoy. Not pictured, there’s also a brand-new ice cream and cotton candy stand, complete with a drink machine, near our recently-completed campsite and picnic area.

The latest addition to Glitter is our outdoor library, pictured above. Eventually, I hope to wall off the library with panels in the blue chevron print I used on the log garden seats behind R.S. Once we get K.K. Slider to our island, I also hope to build a deck beneath the library to give it a more realistic feel.

House Tour

Welcome to Chez Haley! Having recently paid off my home loan, I just expanded — and went back to a pink roof from the aqua one I had installed during my last renovation. (I was disappointed to find that aqua was more blue and less teal, so I switched back to pink when I added my third room.)

I thought I would note that my house is located just to the left of our coffee and flower stalls, so I added a little picnic area to enjoy my morning coffee at just in front of my home and garden 🙂 As you can see, we just planted some pumpkins to celebrate the seasonal update, since Leif just came to Glitter for the first time a few days ago!

In my living room, we’ve got a pastel/kawaii theme going on — as you can see from my Hello Kitty pixel art! I’ve also tried to incorporate the holidays, between my snow globe and the pink stockings hanging above the entrance to the master bedroom. There’s a mini fridge, a dining room table, a little laundry area, and a pet area (which I’ve since gotten rid of and replaced with a sakura acoustic guitar). I’ve also got my trusty cute radio, which is perfect for collecting K.K. Slider songs!

Some of my favorite items to craft in this game have been the mermaid series items I’ve gotten from Pascal as rewards for sharing my bounty 😉 Thus, my bedroom currently has a bit of a mermaid theme going on, with the matching dresser, vanity, and wardrobe. I’ve also got my world map above the bed — for marking off the places I’ve traveled on my mystery island tours, of course — and an accessories stand. My bed and tablecloth use the same custom quilt print I designed myself on my Nookphone.

The newest room in my home, and the last stop of my current island progress tour, is the bathroom. (Did you know you can poop in ACNH to get rid of excess fruit? I just found this out today!) My bathroom is a little bare bones right now, but I hope to add to it as more furniture items find their way into my catalog.

And there you have it — my one-star Animal Crossing island tour! As the game progresses, I look forward to sharing my progress with you all, as ACNH is quickly becoming one of my favorite outlets for expressing my creativity. Already, there are so many updates I haven’t screenshotted yet that I can’t wait to share with you — such as our brand-new stone bridge, or our ice cream shop. But until then, stay safe, wear a mask, and keep on surviving quarantine by playing New Horizons!

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